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At some point in time, nearly everyone has to deal with the rules and regulations that govern real estate laws. The state of Iowa has strict codes and rules that one must negotiate if attempting to do nearly anything. Whether you are buying your family’s home or selling a house, the Iowa real estate lawyer Michael J. Winter will use his extensive knowledge of real estate contract law to ensure that all of the mortgage documents, property title, deed transfer and PITI full disclosure are in perfect order. If you have been a part of any kind of real estate development or expansion project, whether you wanted to do something minor like add a pool to your home or something as big as constructing a condominium, you have probably come up against Iowa’s real estate regulations. Nothing dashes the excitement of home ownership faster than learning you don’t actually own the home you thought you bought, or going to a closing and finding that all of your legal documents aren’t correct. Hire real estate lawyer Michael j. Winter to avoid these headaches and hassles and to get your real estate transaction completed quickly and efficiently.

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Don’t let the labyrinth of rules and regulations keep you behind schedule and over-budget: contact Iowa Real Estate Attorney Michael J. Winter to help you cut through the red tape of buying or selling your home, or making home improvements. He deals with both commercial and residential real estate transactions, and is always ready to put his best effort forward to remove any obstacles in your path to buying, selling or modifying your home or property.
Pottawattamie County Lawyer Michael J. Winter works with you at any and every stage of the real estate process, helping you negotiate through the complex maze of real estate matters.

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For peace of mind about an upcoming real estate project, or to effectively and successfully resolve any current real estate issues that may have arisen, contact Iowa Real Estate Attorney Michael J. Winter at his Council Bluffs office at (712) 322-0133.